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´╗┐This is the primary help and instructions for Tattler usage.

Quick Facts:

  • Currently Tattler all features are designed and tested for Windows
  • After installing Tattler there should be shortcuts for it
  • Tattler is designed to be very simple and easy to use
  • Tattler can only show edits and deletes for messages sent after it started
  • Tattler collects the messages and must have seen the message to alert on edit
  • Tattler allows you to send raw Skype API commands
  • Tattler allows you to see the raw Skype API commands that are being sent

Getting Started

Note: you must have Skype running for Tattler to work. Run the installer and then start Tattler up. Upon start for the first time Skype will ask if you want to grant it access to connect to your Skype client. A popup similar to the one below should appear:

Main Screen

Grant Tattler.exe permission to access Skype. Once this permission is granted Tattler will continue to load. Tattler only shows the messages and edits of other users, not your own. The Tattler main screen is as appears below:

There are a few key areas to this window:

  1. Users: This is the user list. As chat messages come in users will appear in this list. Click a specific user to review the chat history for that user. When you have messages from a user and you are not currently viewing their chat log their name will show in bold.
  2. Chat Log: This is the log of all messages sent to that user regardless of which chat it was sent to. All edited messages will appear here.
  3. Raw Command Log: This is an advanced logging feature that shows the raw Skype API commands
  4. Raw Command Send: This allows you to send any raw skype command you wish to send. You can click the ? for a listing of available Skype commands. For more detailed information see the Skype command documentation.


Within Tattler the other key aspect is the Settings dialog. This dialog is where the various behaviors of Tattler can be controlled.

  • Run at Startup (Windows Only): This setting will set Tattler to run at startup on Windows machines
  • Check for updates: this will enable or disable Tattler’s check for updates feature
  • System tray popups: This will enable or disable the system tray popup/notifications feature.
  • Log chats to file: Tattler has the ability to log all chats to file in a plain text format. Use this setting to control that.
  • Chat Log Directory: This lets you choose where the chat logs are saved.

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