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Changes to Apple MDM for iOS 5.x

Posted: January 31, 2012 – 10:11 am | Author: | Filed under: Conferences, iOS, MDM, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Security

Last Saturday (January 28), I presented an updated talk on Apple’s iOS MDM system at ShmooCon 8. I had a great time, and really enjoyed all the questions and nice comments I received afterwards. I thought I’d mention a couple of the changes that iOS 5 provide. First, the devices support some additional restrictions and […]

Ubertooth: Bluetooth Address Breakdown

Posted: January 29, 2012 – 2:03 pm | Author: | Filed under: Tools, Wireless

The IG crew is just heading back from ShmooCon, which reminds me of last year’s awesome talk on the Ubertooth One. Intrepidus backed the kickstarter project and, as promised, got 2 Ubertooths. We recently started playing with it, and have a couple of tips and a supplementary script. We originally followed the post here to get the Ubertooth […]

Shmootime: Shmoocon 2012

Posted: January 27, 2012 – 6:05 pm | Author: | Filed under: Conferences

It’s time for one of our favorite security conference, Shmoocon. The Intrepidus Group will be there both on stage and in the booth (…and maybe in the hotel bar from time to time). If you’ve got a barcode, please drop by and say hello. The team has busy putting together a fairly crazy, yet shmooball […]

Excuse me, your clouds are leaking

Posted: January 18, 2012 – 10:31 am | Author: , and | Filed under: Articles

I recently started playing around with Gliffy, a nice online diagramming tool that has become quite popular. Gliffy makes sharing your diagrams with the world easy. Unfortunately, many Gliffy users do not realize that they are sharing their diagrams with the entire world. Some quick Google searches revealed a number of entertaining diagrams. This data […]

“Voight-Kampff’ing The BlackBerry PlayBook” at INFILTRATE 2012

Posted: January 16, 2012 – 11:43 am | Author: and | Filed under: bugs, Conferences, Mobile Security

Last week, we gave a talk at Immunity’s awesome INFILTRATE conference in Miami Beach, FL. Our presentation, “Voight-Kampff’ing The BlackBerry PlayBook”, discussed some of the black-box style, independent research we performed on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Although some content was similar to our PlayBook talk at SecTor 2011, there were some very notable additions. In particular, we […]

Android Backdoor Fail – The Kindle Fire Easter Egg

Posted: January 3, 2012 – 10:09 am | Author: | Filed under: android, bugs, jailbreak, Mobile Security, Reverse Engineering

Happy New Year! And for all you Kindle Fire owners, happy early Easter as well. TeamAndIRC released their code and write-up for BurritoRoot which restores root level ADB access on the Kindle Fire. There were other ways to root the Fire before the latest update from Amazon, but this one is attention deserving because of […]


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