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ShmooCon 2011

Posted: January 31, 2011 – 3:01 pm | Author: | Filed under: android, Conferences, Mobile Security

Hey guys, I’m Siddarth Adukia, the current FNG at the Intrepidus Group. We just came back from ShmooCon, the first one I’ve been to, and I thought I’d do a little write up. Getting to DC from New York was.. interesting. Raj, Max, and I decided to drive it down. As soon as we hit […]

IG verse Shmoocon 2011: Get ready…

Posted: January 27, 2011 – 5:08 pm | Author: | Filed under: Conferences, Mobile Security, Passwords

First, whats the deal with snow and Shmoocon? Wasn’t last year’s snowpocalypse enough?A number of us at Intrepidus Group have been honored this year to help out with a few aspects of Shmoocon and are looking forward to kicking things off at the con in DC this weekend. If you’re going this year, keep an […]

Cheap printer cartridges! Really.

Posted: January 21, 2011 – 3:16 pm | Author: | Filed under: RFID, Uncategorized

We have a Lexmark Interact S605 printer in the office and when it shows the “Black Ink Cartridge Low” warning, I can’t help thinking… “cha ching, $25 to Lexmark”. The S605 takes the 100XL line of printer cartridges ($23.49 on Amazon). While reading reviews for the 100XL, I came across one from M. Walters pointing […]


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