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Bold face lie in a clash at FCC hearing –

Posted: February 26, 2008 – 8:24 pm | Author: | Filed under: Articles, Conferences, Techno, Uncategorized

What is ? IS a website IS a protocol IS a service (a service that tells you if your ISP is providing a tampered, filtered, limited, and incomplete service.) I started to annoy the tech support agents at Cox Communications. I subscribed to their business Internet service because the sales […]

Shmoocon 2008 wrap-up: The Non-Moose Stuff

Posted: February 21, 2008 – 2:29 pm | Author: | Filed under: Conferences, Phishing, Tools

Someone beat us to the shmooball launcher.  It’s probably for the best since we were going to order parts from this company. We heard ambulances only take 180 seconds to get to the hotel. The presentations were very hit or miss this year, with unfortunately a bit more of the latter.  I felt a lot […]

Shmoocon 2008 wrap-up: Forced Internet Condom

Posted: February 20, 2008 – 12:55 pm | Author: | Filed under: Conferences

Intrepidusgroup had a good time at shmoocon this year.  Jaime and I would like to thank those that came to our presentation on Saturday to learn a little bit about the history of Internet service providers changing the Internet on us when it doesn’t fit their business model. After seeing the crowd rip apart a […]

Whitepaper: The State of Information Security 2008

Posted: February 8, 2008 – 9:20 am | Author: | Filed under: Articles, Conferences, Phishing, Security Management

I just got back from The Credit Union Information Security Professionals Association 3rd annual National event in Austin Texas where Rohyt and I were talking to the folks about I have never attended a CUISPA event before and welcomed the opportunity. It was refreshing to see this industry work together. Credit unions don’t have […]

SSH Keys: password != ch@ng3m3

Posted: February 7, 2008 – 10:28 am | Author: | Filed under: Security Management

I always knew I loved SSH keys. Often, my love was for the convenience factor and that warm feeling you get from authenticating with 1024 bits of encryption goodness. But tonight I’m marveling in the simplistic setup beauty these babies can give any Unix/Linux sysadmin. Most of us have had to play the role at […]


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