Intrepidus Group

With Intrepidus Group, you have a true partner to help you confidently navigate the security challenges you face. We focus on people, processes, and technology to mitigate risk to an acceptable level.


We recognize that every security problem cannot be solved with a shrink-wrapped product or appliance.



We offer innovative solutions to our clients to build employee awareness on common information security issues. Our experts are also adept at conducting social engineering exercises to assess the efficacy of your awareness campaigns.


While acting as trusted security advisors for many organizations in a multitude of domains, Intrepidus Group has witnessed firsthand, security programs that succeed, and those that fail. Building on this knowledge base, our process assessment and improvement initiatives can help security succeed in even the most political environments.


Our consultants conduct hands-on assessments of your critical applications, networks and products to uncover vulnerabilities – while at the same time providing strategic and tactical recommendations to address the identified issues.